Fashion Handbags

Nowadays, everywhere you look in New York, you're bound to see someone toting a handbag from one of the top designers. With the exception of a few up-and-coming names, most of these labels are well-established and launch amazing new bag designs with every season.Designer labels Burberry, Fendi, Ed Hardy, Dolce & Gabbana, and Prada are responsible for producing today's five most popular handbags. This article will look at each brand and summarize just a few of the many reasons why these bags rate among the most popular in the world. In fact, these bags are so desirable that many women will pay an absolute fortune for the privilege of carrying such a bag.A couple of the labels we're looking at have been established for many years. Burberry was created way back in 1856, and Prada came into being in 1913. Other labels such as Ed Hardy and Dolce & Gabbana have launched their designer handbag range more recently.The handbags created by these five designers are much more than just a fashion statement. The quality of design and craftsmanship are what make these bags so special. The handbags are usually constructed from expensive and often Italian leather. The quality of the leather is excellent, being supple, smooth, and flawless. Seams are neatly tucked. The inner lining of these bags is usually of a remarkably high quality, consisting of custom-made and durable satin or silk fabric. The bags are finished with stitching that perfectly matches (either naturally or having been dyed to match) the leather of the bag. The handbags usually have a few features that are unique to the particular designer. An example of this is the modified typeset of Prada, with the 'r' in Prada being put in a bent rather than straight position.The reason why these five handbag brands have become such a fashion must-have for so many women world-wide is their sheer quality and the craftsmanship that has gone into producing them. Having so many celebrities tote these handbag brands around may also have something to do with it.A feature of the Ed Hardy brand is the art that is displayed on a huge range of products, from bags to the school folders my children use every day. The graphic design on his expensive range of handbags is very different from what you'd usually expect with designer brands. Although the Ed Hardy line includes a range of more affordable bags, it's his designer range that attracts the women who still want a top of the range bag, while also expressing their own sense of style and personality.Designer brands Fendi and Prada are famous for the excellent leather and the skill that goes into making their bags. Because of the sheer quality of these brands, it's easy to spot the fakes, even if they have been well-made. Nothing can match the craftsmanship that goes into the genuine brand. Alongside Ed Hardy, the Burberry brand also has its own unique character. This brand's bags are distinguished by their seemingly innocuous, simple and soft appearance, and construction from supple leather.Whether your style is rural or urban, or hard or soft rock, you're sure to find a handbag from one of the top five designers that suits. If you like to match your bag to your clothes or shoes (as I do), then the handbags by Ed Hardy go with all types of outfit, from shopping mall bargains to head-to-toe designer. His artistic and sometimes slightly grungy designs suit any age or income.Fendi and Prada are at the higher end of the designer scale. Their bags are made out of the world's best leather, and lead the fashion stakes in terms of design. They have really become an essential for many stylish women. If you want to make your mother-in-law very envious at the next family get-together, then purchasing a Fendi or Prada bag may be the perfect solution! Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry also deserve their place in the list of must-have bags because of their distinctive style.Whichever bag you choose from the top five designers, it will definitely put a little swing in your step when you venture out for the day.The way people, especially women, view themselves, involves a combination of acceptable societal factors that can be extremely positive or agonizingly negative. Sadly, there's very rarely a comfortable in-between into which the average woman can settle and just be happy with herself; her place in society, among her peers and among the people she works with.Adding to this self image are subjective opinions, often without explanation even by the person who holds the opinion, and may be markedly influenced by the woman's circle of friends. An article of clothing or trendy new accessory may be viewed by one group as an important item to have and by another as an ostentatious waste of money.A woman may spend hundreds of dollars on one dress, spend hundreds of hours searching for just the right one and then spend another hour or two gazing at her reflection in the mirror to decide if this dress is indeed the one. The decision finally made, the lady with her new dress on shows up at the party only to be greeted by the hostess wearing a pained look after looking her up and down.We have all experienced this situation. Unless you were brought up in the home of a practicing fashionista, chances are good that you created your own style through trial and error. This style of yours may or may not coincide with society's notion of acceptable fashion.Within recent years the number of fashion designers that have gained prominence in everything from gowns to sunglasses has made it a lot easier for women to find the look they're looking for, simply by the extended array of possibilities available. The designer labels on clothing and accessories ensure that these items, and the person wearing them, understand what is and is not considered to be attractive and accepted in society. More importantly for most, they ensure that the item and the person wearing them understand whether or not they are considered attractive by society.Modern times are unusual in that just about everyone is able to find the item of their desire in a style that is suitable to both them and society. This is astonishing. A thing that suits you and the powers-that-be who make the decision as to what is and is not acceptable in fashion today seems to be an important part of life. This acceptance also extends to accessories, particular to designer handbags. Long gone are the good old days it and be well on her way out the door.Today, it is possible to find a handbag that is not only the perfect size and shape for our needs, but one that is fashionable and carries a label that displays the carrier's sense of style. A designer handbag is not something a woman purchases because she needs something in which to carry her necessities, it is selected to enhance a woman's outward appearance and to make her feel pampered and special.A woman carrying a designer bag, a bag that is envied by her peers, makes her feel elite and stylish even in the face of a bad hair day. When she knows that the public will recognize her fashion savvy (and probable wealth) it impacts her self esteem.Carrying a designer handbag can improve a woman's self-esteem by not only making her appreciate the way she herself feels when she carries it, but by the reactions it generates in others around her. The positive reaction she receives from the people around her will, in turn, make her feel better about herself when she carries it. A designer handbag can be not only a functional accessory, but also a means by which to improve the self-concept and self-confidence of the woman who carries it.By